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I built a tiny barricade from Les Miserables. It’s about the size of a regular printer. 

It was made to be a basket prize for a raffle, which included the new movie, the 25th Anniversary Concert dvd and a large assortment of Lindor chocolate truffles. 

My mother has incredible luck and won the basket during the event, so I ended up getting to keep all my hard work. And the basket had accumulated the most raffle tickets out of all the other baskets with a 100 ticket lead. 

Every piece is hand carved and painted by me. I love how it came out and I am so lucky to have it back. 

I’ll post some photos tomorrow of it and how it was presented with the items inside. 


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Phantom Beats {x}

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Markus Akesson The Woods II 2012


Markus Akesson The Woods II 2012

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